I love mind mapping!

Have you tried mind mapping? If not you must try it today, I was introduced to this many years ago by a friend and have used it almost every day since. Back then there was no option but to buy MindJet Mind Manager and it is still the best choice out there. The Sad part is it costs a bomb, worry not you can do almost all the things using a free alternative – FreeMind!

Here are the links to download pages –

  1. Freemind – http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Download make sure you download the correct version matching your operating system.
  2. Mindjet Mindmanager – https://www.mindjet.com/ they have a free 30-day trial and is totally worth trying out.

What can you use it for?

Once you have downloaded either one of them there is a lot of things you can use them for, I use them for all sorts of things –

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Making lists
  3. Project plans
  4. Article outlines
  5. Website structures
  6. SOP outlines
  7. Recording meetings and a lot more

Mapping is so easy to use!

You have to use 4 only keys to make a mind map –

  1. Enter – insert a point at the same level
  2. Insert – to add a sub point
  3. Delete – to delete a point
  4. Escape – to go back to the last point – you can delete a new point or undo something you wrote by mistake

As you make a mind map you won’t get tied up in the grammar or sentence formation just keep capturing the points in a logical flow!

If your colleagues don’t have or don’t use mind maps you can easily export the map into a variety of file formats and share them easily as PDF, JPG, PPT, Word, HTML and XML.

Here is a small mind map I made to show the different uses.


Example mind map
For what all do I use Mind Maps?


I hope this is helpful to get you started with mind mapping, do let me know our experiences in the comments below.

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