How to watch the Tour De France in India? – Updated for 2019

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How to watch 2017 Tour De France in India

So, you are also wondering how to watch the 2018 Tour De France in India?

Since I started cycling couple of years back I have really enjoyed watching the Tour De France, last year it was live on Ten Sports in SD/HD and even that was not the entire race they would start in between some 2 hours into the race.

This year things have gotten worse, there seems to be no live telecast at all! DSports or Discovery Sports (channel 495 on Tata Sky) is only showing the highlights. So I started hunting for How to watch 2017 Tour De France Live in India

I started hunting for How to watch Tour De France 2019 Live in India and to my surprise, there was no clear guide for this available on the internet. I have listed below the step I have taken.

You will need to take the following steps to watch the entire race live on Eurosport –

  1. Create an Express VPN account, you can use this link to join and you will get an additional free month of the VPN service
  2. Subscribe to Eurosport player through the VPN on your desktop or laptop.
  3. Download the Eurosport player app from Google play store or from this site if google play store won’t let you as you are in India.  Eurosport will detect your location on mobile from GPS and not let you access the app! This now works only on your laptop or desktop!
  4. Install the expressvpn app on your laptop or desktop or mobile and login and switch on the VPN select the location as UK
  5. Visit the Eurosport player website in chrome and login.
  6. You can now watch the Tour De France live from India and stream it to your big screen TV using chrome cast or an HDMI cable.
  7. To watch on mobile start the express vpn app as above and simply go to and click on Desktop Site checkbox in the chrome browser menu. The desktop site will not detect your gps location or ask you to download the mobile app.

If you just want to get the highlights you can go to the official website of the Tour and watch the daily highlights, they also have a youtube channel and a nifty app with live updates (no streaming though).

I hope this post will help and you too will enjoy watching the Tour De France from India, please do let me know if you found another more efficient way to watch the entire race live from India.

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